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Cold Boot System Failure
- Apr 26, 2017 -

In some models, a cold-start injector is arranged in the cold start to increase the mixing gas to improve cold start-up performance. The cold-start injector is controlled by the startup switch and the Heat sensitive Time control switch, the fuel injection duration depends on the heat sensitive Time control switch plus the hot coil current and the cooling water temperature.

The failure of cold start-up system is characterized by: cold-start injector is blocked by glial substance, which affects the spray quality of oil spraying, which causes cold startup difficulty; the failure of cold-start injector is not working properly; heat-sensitive time-controlled switch short-circuit (contact often closed) or circuit breakers (often open), if the contact is often closed, then the hot car still control cold start injector spray excessive fuel, causing hot start-up difficulties, if the time-controlled switch short-circuit, cold start injector is always unable to work and cause cold start-up difficulties.