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Fuel Injector Malfunction
- Apr 26, 2017 -

Injector faults generally behave as: injector nozzle is blocked by glial object, Coke or seal is not strict cause leakage, resulting in the concentration of mixed gas too small or too large. The detection method is: First start the engine, with a stethoscope in each injector to check the operating sound, such as hearing the sound, should check the wiring connector, injector or injection signal from the ECU; then, using a multimeter to measure the resistance between the injector terminals, such as the resistance value does not match the prescribed value, then replace the injector; Finally, check the fuel injection quantity of the injector, its value should be within normal range and the amount of fuel injection difference is less than 5cm3.

Temperature sensor failure

The water temperature sensor is used to detect the temperature of the cooling water and convert it into a voltage signal input ECU, which is the basis for the ECU to revise the fuel injection quantity. If the water temperature sensor failure or with the ECU wiring circuit, short-circuit, surface scale, will cause a large deviation in the output signal, eventually make the injector not timely increase or reduce the amount of fuel injection, resulting in difficult start-up.