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Pneumatic Motors
- Apr 26, 2017 -

Pneumatic motor is the original motive of compressed air as the working medium, it is the expansion effect of compressed gas, the pressure can be converted into mechanical energy power plant.

Various types of gas motors, although the structure is different, the working principle differs, but most air motors have the following characteristics:

1. There can be stepless speed regulation. The output power and rotational speed of the motor can be adjusted by controlling the opening of the intake valve or exhaust valve, i. e. The flow of compressed air. It can achieve the purpose of regulating the rotational speed and power.

2. Can be turned and reversed. Most gas motors simply use the control valve to change the motor inlet and exhaust direction, which can realize the positive rotation and reversal of the output shaft of the gas motor, and the instantaneous commutation can be achieved. The impact is very small when the inversion is converted. One of the main advantages of the air-motor reversing work is that it has the ability to rise to full speed almost instantaneously. The vane type gas motor can ascend to full speed in a half-time period; the piston-type gas motor can be promoted to full speed in less than one seconds. Using the control valve to change the air intake direction, it can achieve positive and negative rotation. The realization of the positive and negative time is short, fast, impact is small, and do not need unloading load.

3. Work safety, not by vibration, high temperature, electromagnetic, radiation and other effects, applicable to the harsh working environment, in flammable, explosive, high temperature, vibration, humidity, dust and other adverse conditions can be normal work.